When Kindness Threatens

“Waiting” Lucy Clark

When you find yourself girding your heart

As kindness threatens to take over.



……and allow.

Going through life can give us the armor that we need to defend ourselves – but if we wear it like a chastity belt we will never get to the really good stuff.  The stuff of magic and mist; of connection and compassion; of delight and joy.

Without doubt, we will save ourselves from being taken advantage of but without any hope for grace to enter.

You see, when we hold ourselves away from our “higher” voice, we hold ourselves away from our own exponential evolution.  As a person, a friend or a partner.

I can absolutely assure you that being taken advantage of will happen from time to time.  It’s inevitable to be hoodwinked, manipulated and generally disused.  But so what?  What if, all of those things are simply a very miniscule price to pay for the life given to you, the giver, by simply being your kind, generous, compassionate self?  What if, dropping all the armor, you are able to drop the weight you feel suffocated by?   What if, dearest one, all of the guarding, holding and shying away from is simply a way of keeping your self-righteousness in place?  You know, the judging that makes it easier to stay inside our hollowed selves.

This path is not for the weak of spirit.  It will take courage of heart, kindness of spirit and an absolute undying need to see the better in yourself and everyone that you choose to surround yourself with.

Begin by being kind to yourself, healing your own wounds and then, my lovely friend, let it bleed and ooze out to rest of the tattered souls that are doing their best to drop their own armor of safety.

Yours in Art and Beauty, Lucy

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