When Kindness Threatens

“Waiting” Lucy Clark

When you find yourself girding your heart

As kindness threatens to take over.



……and allow.

Going through life can give us the armor that we need to defend ourselves – but if we wear it like a chastity belt we will never get to the really good stuff.  The stuff of magic and mist; of connection and compassion; of delight and joy.

Without doubt, we will save ourselves from being taken advantage of but without any hope for grace to enter.

You see, when we hold ourselves away from our “higher” voice, we hold ourselves away from our own exponential evolution.  As a person, a friend or a partner.

I can absolutely assure you that being taken advantage of will happen from time to time.  It’s inevitable to be hoodwinked, manipulated and generally disused.  But so what?  What if, all of those things are simply a very miniscule price to pay for the life given to you, the giver, by simply being your kind, generous, compassionate self?  What if, dropping all the armor, you are able to drop the weight you feel suffocated by?   What if, dearest one, all of the guarding, holding and shying away from is simply a way of keeping your self-righteousness in place?  You know, the judging that makes it easier to stay inside our hollowed selves.

This path is not for the weak of spirit.  It will take courage of heart, kindness of spirit and an absolute undying need to see the better in yourself and everyone that you choose to surround yourself with.

Begin by being kind to yourself, healing your own wounds and then, my lovely friend, let it bleed and ooze out to rest of the tattered souls that are doing their best to drop their own armor of safety.

Yours in Art and Beauty, Lucy

A Night of Lights

A Night of Lights

With the whole world breathing,


Compassion and


A Season of Color

With community leaning into


Kindness and


A time of celebration

With others joining in


Friendship and


A heart full of gratitude

With a space full of


Joy and


The moment has arrived

It is time

To celebrate 

To release 

To expand

And be well ❤️

Losing Track of Letting Go

QUIETUDE; Lucy Clark 2018

It can happen with a nod of time lost;

Of details in abundance;

Of mind work replacing soul work.

And one day, you look around and just know,

Without a shadow of gray in the early morning light,

That, YOU are lost.

Lost to your own voice

To the din of the “to do” list

To your souls yearning,

And your hearts Desire

But, there is always this moment

A moment of recognition

Of reflection

Of renewed committment

To YOUR Life seed

Sprouting from the soil

That you placed there

When you were Aware.

And then there is Now.

The Germination of All Things

“IN THE BEGINNING” Lucy Clark 2021

While walking within the mist of a mountain morning, I saw this beauty. I know, I know, it isn’t much. It’s just a cracked seed fallen from the mother tree above. But the gift it gave me is priceless.

I have been struggling with the absence of my creative work. With the success and expansion of the gallery has come reduced time to be in my studio. It has laid heavy on my heart and on my shoulders. A feeling of missing an old friend where the dance of our time together had become comfortable. Expected. Routine.

This little gem of a seed gave to me the realization and reminder that all things, even preciously adored things, have a chapter. And those chapters can either repeat in the future or they have an ending. The emotion we put on those chapters that have come before are of our very own choosing. No one else’s.

And, it is so, once again, in my evolution as an artist. Even though I may not be creating as prolifically as I once have in the physical form, I am still, very much a creator and purveyor of beauty. It has just taken on a new expanded perspective.

And, just as the seed needs to crack itself open with water, light and shadows, so must we. To see that what is before us may not be what has come before. But, it could never the less, be beautiful indeed.


Photo/Writing Lucy Clark 2021

Sleeping Around

In Communion; Lucy Clark

A few days ago, I was asked in jest whether I had been sleeping around because I sure was getting a lot of press and recognition for the gallery and myself. I rolled my shoulders back and responded with clarity and kindness and moved on with my day; but the comment struck deep and I finally realized that it was partly true.

Like many small business owners, for the past year I have had my hands all over mine. In early April of last year, as I stood alone in the gallery that encompassed my heart, I had to make a decision whether I was all done or all in. I worked, worried, loved and ensconced myself with the act of coming through this surreal time with a beautiful space that could welcome the weary eyed and bring light to their life; and for the most part I’ve been pretty successful.

As the jest drove me deeper toward introspection I decided to come up with a list of items that I have slinked around with, both day and night and I am finally ready to confess.

Here goes………..

I slept with my Integrity; waking up each morning and checking to make sure I was standing deep within it. My own integrity, answering to my own standards and acting from a place of clarity.

I slept with my intentions to consider the angles and undercurrents; those misguided and needing reflection and repair.

I slept with my big dreams of a prosperous art business where the work that I created and those I represented were loved and supported.

I slept with my concerns and hopefully woke to discernment and direction for exactly how to work them to a place of calm decisiveness.

I slept with my husband and my dogs knowing when morning came I would feel comforted and blessed.

I slept with a clear conscious that I did my damn level best at every given opportunity and if I didn’t, I awoke with the full intent to be a better person than I was the day before.

I went to bed with the beautiful mantra that I am thankful for what I’ve been given but also for what I could give.

You see, I’ve been sleeping around like crazy and I do not feel one ounce of guilt or shame. I am imperfect, crookedly self critical and committed to taking responsibility to the life I am incredibly blessed to call my own.

So, dear one, I have been sleeping around the Universe and back again and the best part is, I’m still faithful and slap full of wild abandoned joy to my Life and my calling.

And so it is……….❤️

Replicating Authenticity

Sunrise in Winter; Lucy Clark

My Mom was a full blooded, multi-generational Italian Seamstress. She had an enormous studio in the basement of our home filled with cloth, thread, needles and go ‘ol Italian verve. I would sit and marvel at the things she made; her hands working magic on anything from clothes to curtains; uniforms to wedding dresses and everything in between.

Once and only once, I sat down at the sewing machine deciding that I too, could replicate what she was doing. It only took running one long seam and my Mom telling me to tear it out that I realized that her craft wasn’t meant for me. It was her place, her sacred space to speak a truth she couldn’t verbalize any other way.

When I finally found clay I knew I had found an avenue for my authentic voice to emerge. Yes, as I started, there were a few pieces that resembled others work, but clearly from the beginning, I realized I had something unique to contribute to the craft. I persevered to see, that without anyone’s influence of design, I could emerge with a voice distinctly all of my own. And, if I am proud of nothing else in this world, I am honored that clay let me find that.

Since taking the photo above, something truly dawned on me just like the sun rising on a clear, cold, winter’s day. The Sun rises every day and yet, every day it’s different. It’s truly always one of a kind but also has the same qualities absorbed within.

As a creator, each and everyone one of us has the chance to see something unique and authentic in our work. By attempting to replicate another’s work, idea or gifts it’s sort of like the Sunrise trying to replicate a Sunset. To be inspired by another’s work is sheer magic. To take their work, manipulating it and attempting to “own” the creation means only one thing. It will never be yours. You will always see the other person within the creation and you, and only you, will have to speak to that falsehood.

I encourage you, implore you and downright get down on my knees and beg of you this. Step away from imitation and replication and just quietly create. It may be shitty at first but I promise you, if you continue to clear your throat and sing with your own voice, you will eventually spread your gold flecked wings and fly. Once you do, the Universe awaits.

And with that, I leave you with a scale of creating from a very dear friend. Think about it; Talk about it; Do it; Do it Right and then my lovelies, Do it Your Own Way ❤️

Moon Angel

Moon Angel; Lucy Clark 2020

In the shape of night, we can see what our deepest desires implore.
The brightness of a half-full moon shining into the shape of an Angel.
An Angel of lightness and hope
Of loving and forgiveness
Of moments and lives cherished
Of lifetimes honored and embraced

In this light there is a delicious ease in laying down the sharpness of our fears.
The battles we fought
The words we flung
The hate we have embellished
The bruises we inflicted
And the causes we have forged.

For, if we are to be IN the light and OF the light
We must relieve the darkness for which we hold
And reflect the stellar sky within our hearts
Shining fiercely toward a brand new day.

LC Photo and Writing


Cradled; Lucy Clark, 2020

There are times left unaware
We are cradled and cherished by our beloved.

Framed with adoration in their eyes
And arms ensconced in their soft, downy Love.

Be the Love that someone feels
When they take a breath and look beyond

The troubles, worries and fright
Of what we choose to see.

LC/Photo and Writing

With Flying Colors

The Height of Fall; Lucy Clark 2020

I was looking down. Down at the forest floor while hiking the other day. Looking down at my feet, careful of the terrain; careful with my jumbled thoughts; oh, so careful with my wishful dreams.

And quietly, without expectation, I came across a scattering of red. So much red that it took my head out of my chaotic reverie that it had tumbled into and then; oh, Holy Mother of Nature, I looked up.

The stunning canopy actually brought a gasp to my friend, Laura and I. For some reason, the red set against the bright, clear blue sky was magic in a bottle. I held this image for days as well as the deep, rich joy it brought to my tender and tentative heart. And then I realized what that moment of beauty was all about.

Just as summer, with its fortitude and muscle banks the mid-day sky, Fall takes brilliance to entirely new level. The power we have in our body as we all turn toward home base….and go out with flying colors. A reason to celebrate the passing of our solo and collective challenges that we used so much will to fight against as we lay down our swords and swoon in the golden light of Autumn.

A light that is just as temporary, just as fragile and gloriously, just as magnificent as any of the others. And we all know, in our heart of hearts, that we too, can go out of this moment with flying colors.

If we do nothing else for one another, I encourage you to do this. Spark the joy in another’s heart with the wild magic of a red filled tree canopy and the forest floor that surrounds her. Do it. Do it now. And watch the magic of Joy in your own Life as it comes to Life.