The Space Between

“Basking”. Lucy Clark/2022

The Space Between

The space between leaving and what is yet to come. The space of becoming, acknowledgement, and knowingness. The space between the inhale where anything can happen and just before the exhale where life is complete.

All of this invites a big, deep, undulating pause.  It’s not so much about the leaving and the arriving as it is about the space between.  The place we can get caught in fear and trepidation, uncertainty and anxiety or deep bull shitting denial.  A place that speaks like no other of the void.  A space that yearns for growth but may be too full of fear to reach for it.  A niche of enlightenment with darkness at the edges.  

I just returned from 5 days in one of my most sacred spaces in this Universe called Santa Fe.  I, at this very moment, am inhabiting the very surreal, ungrounded slightly askew space between.  In years past, I would be concerned for my future.  The trip, so incredibly enchanting and delightful, has stirred up my longing for what’s next.  What will I create, where will I go with it, how I can be more “me” in the process?  All those things that used to scare the light out of me and now, without me even being aware of it has softened into a comfort of unknowing.  

I have ridden this horse enough to know that all will be revealed in its own languid time.  Without force or effort.  Without worry or stress.  I have realized that what is leaving is leaving and what is to come will find its way to my door.  People, places, things, and time have always been and will always be as temporary as a firefly on a warm summer’s night.  

I bow to the space between the word and the world.  The place where magic can happen with a flick of fate and where, in the end, we will always find our way home.

Field of Rest

“Field of Rest” Lucy Clark 2021

Field of Rest

A moment of utter silence

With reverence along side

To bring us to the moment

This moment of our lives.

To reflect upon our harvest

And those that came before

To realize our accomplishments

Before opening another door.

The depth of this moment

More precious than the last

To bow in acknowledgement

To every storied past.

Each breath like a prayer

Each sigh a whispered psalm

That what we had put forth

Is with clarity and with calm.

Another bountiful crop tilled under

After having done our best

That we made it to the land

The land and season of rest.

Lucy Clark, 2021

When Kindness Threatens

“Waiting” Lucy Clark

When you find yourself girding your heart

As kindness threatens to take over.



……and allow.

Going through life can give us the armor that we need to defend ourselves – but if we wear it like a chastity belt we will never get to the really good stuff.  The stuff of magic and mist; of connection and compassion; of delight and joy.

Without doubt, we will save ourselves from being taken advantage of but without any hope for grace to enter.

You see, when we hold ourselves away from our “higher” voice, we hold ourselves away from our own exponential evolution.  As a person, a friend or a partner.

I can absolutely assure you that being taken advantage of will happen from time to time.  It’s inevitable to be hoodwinked, manipulated and generally disused.  But so what?  What if, all of those things are simply a very miniscule price to pay for the life given to you, the giver, by simply being your kind, generous, compassionate self?  What if, dropping all the armor, you are able to drop the weight you feel suffocated by?   What if, dearest one, all of the guarding, holding and shying away from is simply a way of keeping your self-righteousness in place?  You know, the judging that makes it easier to stay inside our hollowed selves.

This path is not for the weak of spirit.  It will take courage of heart, kindness of spirit and an absolute undying need to see the better in yourself and everyone that you choose to surround yourself with.

Begin by being kind to yourself, healing your own wounds and then, my lovely friend, let it bleed and ooze out to rest of the tattered souls that are doing their best to drop their own armor of safety.

Yours in Art and Beauty, Lucy

Owl Medicine

Morning Harvest; Lucy Clark 2021

To truly transform, one must, each and every day, scrub off the layers of thoughts and considerations from others and be laid vulnerable and naked under a blanket of our own standards. A daunting task to say the least. One that truly requires our authentic self to shine past what others think of us, of our work or our intentions.

We have all been there. Willing, oh so willing to judge another for their reach in this world. Or their lack of ability for self examination. We roll around, thinking unkind thoughts; beating our way through the brush of our own chaos and lighting a candle on someone else’s fire.

And yet, our vulnerability awaits. To be laid quivering and cold, without our protective blanket of what our ego is telling us to believe is mandatory for our growth as an individual riding around the Universe in this human form.

If we are to believe, I mean truly and effortlessly believe, that we are worthy, we must first slog through the bits of bobs of unworthiness and selfishness. Such strange bedfellows but I have seen so many times the two go holding hands while walking down the street of my own delusions.

The ego is a wonderful survival mechanism – one that in my darkest of times has saved me from utter internal destruction. But a great gift can also be one’s most pointed liability. For if we feed our egos more than our authentic personage, we are doomed to being asleep at the wheel. But, if we pay our true selves just a bit more than our blubbering, boastful hobbit of an ego, we begin to see who we are starting to become peep through. And, I gotta tell you, it’s a whole lot easier living with the love of oneself than the condemnation brought on by believing we are unworthy of prosperity, love, adoration and forgiveness.

I am in the middle of transformation and, truthfully, it always comes with a side of fear, uncertainty and doubt. But, if I am to release from the Chrysalis of my own making I just gotta trust the process. And, my friend, I hope you do, too.

See you on the other side……

CCC Camp Calling

Sunset @ CCC Camp; Lucy Clark 2020

CCC Camp Calling

Of steeples and churches and buildings made of steel
None can compare to the eroded doorway 
Staring into the bliss 
Of the arid unknown.

Quietly tucked into the land 
Known for commitment and second chances
Through chaos and longing, 
I come back again and again.

To the quiet place within
A doorway built for shelter
From a camp made for work
Tethered among cobblestones of hope.

Tell me the sunset isn’t spectacular
Illuminating the future
And I’ll tell you to gaze
Until it quiets your interior.

And whispers, ever so softly
With heart shorn wide open,
The kindness put aside
Replaced by fear, worry and disaster

Everything is temporary
Everything is but a wish
Everything will be fine
If only given time.

Photo/Writing Lucy Clark 2021

When the Mirror Falls Away

A Single Bud; Lucy Clark

When The Mirror Falls Away

Our hand losing its fierce grip

Begging a different version of ourselves

That we reflect outward to the skies

But internally find deep dis-ease.

The mirror that tells us to be somebody else

Anybody else

Because who we are now

Lacks the shine of a story

We can never own.

What will we do with the empty hand of our own judgment?

Will we pick up the fractured glass and pray we can piece it together?

Or will we simply stretch our tendons,

Knowing that the time has come

To shine as ourselves.

Without reflection

Without Distortion

Without Blame

Alone, knowing

We are ready to face



Losing Track of Letting Go

QUIETUDE; Lucy Clark 2018

It can happen with a nod of time lost;

Of details in abundance;

Of mind work replacing soul work.

And one day, you look around and just know,

Without a shadow of gray in the early morning light,

That, YOU are lost.

Lost to your own voice

To the din of the “to do” list

To your souls yearning,

And your hearts Desire

But, there is always this moment

A moment of recognition

Of reflection

Of renewed committment

To YOUR Life seed

Sprouting from the soil

That you placed there

When you were Aware.

And then there is Now.

Sleeping Around

In Communion; Lucy Clark

A few days ago, I was asked in jest whether I had been sleeping around because I sure was getting a lot of press and recognition for the gallery and myself. I rolled my shoulders back and responded with clarity and kindness and moved on with my day; but the comment struck deep and I finally realized that it was partly true.

Like many small business owners, for the past year I have had my hands all over mine. In early April of last year, as I stood alone in the gallery that encompassed my heart, I had to make a decision whether I was all done or all in. I worked, worried, loved and ensconced myself with the act of coming through this surreal time with a beautiful space that could welcome the weary eyed and bring light to their life; and for the most part I’ve been pretty successful.

As the jest drove me deeper toward introspection I decided to come up with a list of items that I have slinked around with, both day and night and I am finally ready to confess.

Here goes………..

I slept with my Integrity; waking up each morning and checking to make sure I was standing deep within it. My own integrity, answering to my own standards and acting from a place of clarity.

I slept with my intentions to consider the angles and undercurrents; those misguided and needing reflection and repair.

I slept with my big dreams of a prosperous art business where the work that I created and those I represented were loved and supported.

I slept with my concerns and hopefully woke to discernment and direction for exactly how to work them to a place of calm decisiveness.

I slept with my husband and my dogs knowing when morning came I would feel comforted and blessed.

I slept with a clear conscious that I did my damn level best at every given opportunity and if I didn’t, I awoke with the full intent to be a better person than I was the day before.

I went to bed with the beautiful mantra that I am thankful for what I’ve been given but also for what I could give.

You see, I’ve been sleeping around like crazy and I do not feel one ounce of guilt or shame. I am imperfect, crookedly self critical and committed to taking responsibility to the life I am incredibly blessed to call my own.

So, dear one, I have been sleeping around the Universe and back again and the best part is, I’m still faithful and slap full of wild abandoned joy to my Life and my calling.

And so it is……….❤️

The Space Between

Breathing the Sky; Lucy Clark

What will you do when the world goes to seed?
When all of your hopes and dreams have been nudged into reality; when all of your fears are finally laid to rest.

Will you dwell within the confines of this world or will you be elevated to the space between?
The space between your breath and your heart;
To the moment inserted where the before and after dance;
To the place where the pause is more urgent than the forging.

I can look back on my life and know that I have not honored this most sacred of places. I have allowed the “what’s next” drug of choice to encapsulate my well traveled bones and push me swiftly to run past my accomplishments and head long toward another goal, another challenge, another learning curve.

As a creator, I soulfully know that “a creator must create.” But what if, as a collective, we shifted our perspective on what that actually means. What if creating space meant that we saw it as our angelic obligation to allow ourselves to breathe between the finish line of one race and the start of another. What if we imagined a flow of still points that encompassed our lives as much as our ladders of success. What if, my lovely ones, we took it within ourselves as a form of our highest good to believe that everyone is doing the very best they can and that the “very best” shifts moment to moment and from inhale to exhale.

With suspicion running rampant like a tornado across Kansas, there needs to be a time where all goes quiet. A place where a breath can simply be a breath; a step forward is a loving act of kindness and judgment is left behind in the trash barrel of things no longer required.

I simply must believe that this world exists. For without it, we are doomed to frolic in our co-misery of this life and relegate light, breath and space to the confines of illusion.

Be kind. Think the best of those around you and when you look in the mirror and see the person shining back at you, tell them once and then again toward eternity……

I see you, I believe in you and I fucking adore you ❤️

Integrity in a Suspicious World

Beauty in the Contrast; Lucy Clark

If the past year has proven anything, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that trust has been put on probation. So many divergent stories have been told, so many promises have been made and so many disappointed by it all. There is a deep, voluptuous longing for the truth without agenda. A spiritual calling for our higher self to surface within the turmoil of the outside world. A need, more fervent than ever before, to believe that this will all transform into the bright of day.

With all of the tired wishes and moments of hope, some have taken the path from a collective suspicion aimed at our governing bodies to one of shooting arrows toward anyone who is within our direct line of sight. It’s as if our quivers are full of poisoned tipped arrows and we are lying in wait for the next person who disappoints us to get it through the heart.

And then……….what?

Will we feel justified in taking another down when all they simply did was be present? Are we in need of making another wrong for the momentous time we live in that anyone, anywhere, minding their own business can be converted into a “bad” person with an ulterior motive? Has a reaction to a situation become a habit which in turn become an addiction?

If I could encourage each one of you to do something it would be this.

When you feel yourself reacting rather than responding, simply stop. Back up and take a breath. Take a five minute walk. Look outside yourself in the natural world and put the arrow back in the quiver where it belongs.

The greatest power we have within us all is to create tolerance for our fellow traveler.

Now, more than ever, we have been led to a collective state of being. Think the best of the person beside you. They are, just like you, paddling as fast as they can to reach the safety of the shore.