Field of Rest

“Field of Rest” Lucy Clark 2021

Field of Rest

A moment of utter silence

With reverence along side

To bring us to the moment

This moment of our lives.

To reflect upon our harvest

And those that came before

To realize our accomplishments

Before opening another door.

The depth of this moment

More precious than the last

To bow in acknowledgement

To every storied past.

Each breath like a prayer

Each sigh a whispered psalm

That what we had put forth

Is with clarity and with calm.

Another bountiful crop tilled under

After having done our best

That we made it to the land

The land and season of rest.

Lucy Clark, 2021

The Power of Rest

I’ve been on vacation this week.  It has been filled with walks in the woods which included my husband and our little tribe of fur babies, Gabriel, Daisy and Frodo.  Each one of us, unknowingly and seemingly with caring, came to the woods for very different reasons.  My husband needed time with me and to have space between jobs.  Gabriel, my big “little man” needed to run in the woods and hunt things, though, what he would do with them if he ever caught anything is a mystery to us all.  Daisy was all about the pure unabashed joy of crashing through the woods with wild abandon and Frodo, my little Yorkie “Hobbit” just wanted to follow me, no matter where I was going.  Mine was for rejuvenation and a new vision for my creativity.  You see, I work……a lot!  Between my full-time massage practice and my art life, I put in countless hours every week determined to get ahead, create, be of service to others and generally get things done.  While I’m doing it, I almost never notice that it even feels like work.  I have a friend that has, in the past, called me “driven”.  I responded to her by saying that I’m not driven……….I’m passionately interested!

However, everyone comes to a place of empty.  A need to disconnect, de-stimulate and breathe.  In my yoga practice, it’s called Shavasana – corpse pose.  Without rest how does anyone ever start again?  I have found it nearly impossible. A hard won wisdom for all of you worker bees out there – yeah you know who you are – strong, confident, pushy, visionaries……….have compassion upon yourself and take a rest.  Whether it’s active resting like walking in the woods or lovely 2 hour nap time in the middle of the damn day, which I did as well, do it!  The older I get, the more I realize this is not a race – the competition with others is long gone.  What has replaced it are feelings of worthiness and a need and a desire to live…..MY……life.  Not what others have envisioned for me and certainly not in spite of anyone else.  Just quietly, calmly going about what puts a smile on my face that no one can wipe off.

So I begin anew………creation awaits 🙂IMG_1032