The Germination of All Things

“IN THE BEGINNING” Lucy Clark 2021

While walking within the mist of a mountain morning, I saw this beauty. I know, I know, it isn’t much. It’s just a cracked seed fallen from the mother tree above. But the gift it gave me is priceless.

I have been struggling with the absence of my creative work. With the success and expansion of the gallery has come reduced time to be in my studio. It has laid heavy on my heart and on my shoulders. A feeling of missing an old friend where the dance of our time together had become comfortable. Expected. Routine.

This little gem of a seed gave to me the realization and reminder that all things, even preciously adored things, have a chapter. And those chapters can either repeat in the future or they have an ending. The emotion we put on those chapters that have come before are of our very own choosing. No one else’s.

And, it is so, once again, in my evolution as an artist. Even though I may not be creating as prolifically as I once have in the physical form, I am still, very much a creator and purveyor of beauty. It has just taken on a new expanded perspective.

And, just as the seed needs to crack itself open with water, light and shadows, so must we. To see that what is before us may not be what has come before. But, it could never the less, be beautiful indeed.


Photo/Writing Lucy Clark 2021

Sleeping Around

In Communion; Lucy Clark

A few days ago, I was asked in jest whether I had been sleeping around because I sure was getting a lot of press and recognition for the gallery and myself. I rolled my shoulders back and responded with clarity and kindness and moved on with my day; but the comment struck deep and I finally realized that it was partly true.

Like many small business owners, for the past year I have had my hands all over mine. In early April of last year, as I stood alone in the gallery that encompassed my heart, I had to make a decision whether I was all done or all in. I worked, worried, loved and ensconced myself with the act of coming through this surreal time with a beautiful space that could welcome the weary eyed and bring light to their life; and for the most part I’ve been pretty successful.

As the jest drove me deeper toward introspection I decided to come up with a list of items that I have slinked around with, both day and night and I am finally ready to confess.

Here goes………..

I slept with my Integrity; waking up each morning and checking to make sure I was standing deep within it. My own integrity, answering to my own standards and acting from a place of clarity.

I slept with my intentions to consider the angles and undercurrents; those misguided and needing reflection and repair.

I slept with my big dreams of a prosperous art business where the work that I created and those I represented were loved and supported.

I slept with my concerns and hopefully woke to discernment and direction for exactly how to work them to a place of calm decisiveness.

I slept with my husband and my dogs knowing when morning came I would feel comforted and blessed.

I slept with a clear conscious that I did my damn level best at every given opportunity and if I didn’t, I awoke with the full intent to be a better person than I was the day before.

I went to bed with the beautiful mantra that I am thankful for what I’ve been given but also for what I could give.

You see, I’ve been sleeping around like crazy and I do not feel one ounce of guilt or shame. I am imperfect, crookedly self critical and committed to taking responsibility to the life I am incredibly blessed to call my own.

So, dear one, I have been sleeping around the Universe and back again and the best part is, I’m still faithful and slap full of wild abandoned joy to my Life and my calling.

And so it is……….❤️

Alteration, Change and Transformation

Behind the Mist; Lucy Clark 2020

I once had a very wise man tell me that there is huge difference between change and alteration. My younger self scoffed, putting his suggestion in the bin of semantics and “never minds.”

This year, this crazy, run off the rails, sideway skidding of a year has caused me to revisit my consideration and I finally think I have an inkling of what he was talking about.

Alteration is leaving your past behind; running as fast and as furious as you possibly can into a new terrain. A terrain with your suitcases, your hopes and your resolve packed nicely and neatly into a fixed consideration of how things are going to be different. YOU are going to be different. The world is definitely going to be different. And it is, and they are for awhile. The freshness of the bloom and the beauty of the fantasy without any residue of the past incarnation of who you were before.

And then, something starts seeping through; and quietly, subversively and without any real effort on your part, the same patterns and shapes start forming in your “new” Life. They sneak in through the cracks of conformity and unintended habits and before you know it, you are sitting at the table with the usual suspects, sipping tea and lamenting how once again you have made it to complacency and excuses. A place to resent but so comfortable and familiar that it’s almost ok. Almost.

Change, on the other side of the world, walks hand in hand with Transformation. It’s standing in the torrent of falling rocks and realities being vulnerable, truly and deeply vulnerable to the existential pain and terror, and standing there anyway. Doing “it” scared, but doing it anyway. Taking a step forward into the unknown and being there for yourself anyway.

This year; this terrifying, daunting, uncontrollable year, is giving all of us the opportunity to truly change and transform. Yes, it might be more than any of us bargained for but I see no way out other than through. And each choice we make can bring us to our knees but can also bring us to grace. True, abiding grace for ourselves, for each other and for the world in which we reside.

Within creation comes transformation ❤️


Leaning Into the Askew; Lucy Clark 2020


Everything isn’t always straight; almost nothing is.
All of Life comes from wandering around the next curve, the next bend, the next unknown and into the Known.

I can be so caught up in figuring, solving and completing that I forget the journey. The sweet, beautiful journey of a “thousand steps” in between the spark of ingenuity and the realization of a job well done; a life splendidly lived.

Mornings like these remind me to lean into the askew view of time and nature. Neither much care for the doldrums of my concern.

Writing/Photography: Lucy Clark 2020

At Least that Much

Abiquiu Pueblo, NM

Tell me the Love you seek is as strong from yourself as from the world in which you live.
At least that strong.
At least that abiding.
At least that important.
At least that essential.

For when we love who we are becoming, we can overflow that bounty to those around us.
At least that much.
At least that rich.
At least that deep.
At least that authentic.

And when we truly acknowledge that light shining from our own hearts we will know that what others feel is
At least that worthy.
At least that brilliant.
At least that endearing.
At least that everlasting.

Be the Love you wish to receive; and there it shall be ❤️

LC 2020
Photography: Lucy Clark

Standing Strong

If you stand strong and alone in the forest does anyone feel it?This odd question keeps surfacing for me during our shared trouble. A trouble that is so pervasive, blistering and real that it feels as though a fire breathing monster is swooping from the night sky breathing the smoldering stench of deconstruction on a frigid winters day. At this point, in this moment, there’s just no mistaking the truth of what’s coming. Inexplicable, unavoidable, seemingly insurmountable change. A change so sweeping that the bedrock of our beliefs are being challenged. A change so complete that we crumble with the knowingness that no one will be left untouched. An awakening that could be so complete as to leave us breathless, naked and filled with wisdom beyond our reckoning.
How we stand in our lives is how we will stand in this ice cream swirl of confusion. Like the rocks placed precariously on one another we must wait and see if the foundation we have built for ourselves will withstand, and more importantly, deserves to withstand that which we are in the middle of.
For perhaps there is another way. Standing strong within ourselves but being malleable enough to transition into a new earth, a new way of being, a gentler way of walking through the world.
If we have learned anything from our shared history through the past 2000 years, we are more evolved with every generation that passes but with the shared genome of memory within our bones to access the brutality we thought we had left behind. It’s up to every damn one of us to access the evolution that we have worked so hard for and come to a place of peace and strength within ourselves as well as the time in which we live.
We can stand strong and alone in the forest but with the softness of ferns at our feet, the gentle stream flowing through our veins and a love in our hearts as companions guiding us to the balance upon which we can build our new shared foundation.

Strong and Alone

Stuck in a Torrent

Stuck in a Torrent
A world being torn apart by another senseless act; a leader with an undying need to stir the bitter cauldron of hate; a virus lurking and scheming around every corner. And here we are, stuck in the middle of it all, waiting and wondering what will take us down.
Trapped like a log laid bare from the rushing water stripping away its bark and waiting for release. Uncovering its depth, its spine and its craggy wear worn limbs.
Beneath all of the coverings of masks and fear belie who we really are. In this moment. At this time.
We have a choice laid at our feet. We can become the torrent of emotion and reaction that is happening all around with great and fervent ease. We can allow our dogma and sense of inexplicable “rightness” to bully forth from us like the water pummeling the rocks and wood all the while becoming the monster so that the monster doesn’t win. And yet, there is still another choice. We choose to be honed and shined by the torrent while sitting in the seat of our own soul with the loving care we would give to our finest moments.
It’s really our choice, it’s always been our choice. How we respond to any situation is how we, when we look back at the end will realize that, indeed, is how we lived our lives.

My Crystal Ball

The only thing I know for sure is that when I place my crystal ball to rest on its throne and gaze into it, I see beauty reflected, refracted and expanded around me. It softens everything that it touches and makes it lighter than it was.
Perhaps we need to gaze upon each other long enough to see all of the kindness and beauty that we hold within.
Perhaps we need to stop looking for an enemy to destroy but instead be on the lookout at how we can create something better within ourselves.
Perhaps we simply need to be here now knowing that our love will out last the isolation, suppression and cruelty of a world waiting to explode.
Perhaps ❤️

Isolated Beauty

As the social distancing extends we have collectively become afraid to touch. Our ease has become dis-ease. We are wary, weary and lonely, and all the while longing for the intimacy we once took for granted. While we walk down the street, either donned in masks or naked of face, we move away from one another, creating another barrier to connection and closeness. Worried that someone will breathe on us; concerned that we will take “it” home to someone we love; anxious for freedom within a fearful dome of protective garb.
The “now” of physical distance must be replaced with the intentional, heart felt outreach to touch another with love, kindness and attention. BE the Light when someone looks at you; BE the Love you wish to embrace; BE the compassionate person you know lives within your soul. Let this be the time where the obstacles that are there to pull us apart create the opportunity to create a new type of community. One in which we can acknowledge the love we have for one another through our thoughts and actions no matter the distance of our bodies ❤️