The Germination of All Things

“IN THE BEGINNING” Lucy Clark 2021

While walking within the mist of a mountain morning, I saw this beauty. I know, I know, it isn’t much. It’s just a cracked seed fallen from the mother tree above. But the gift it gave me is priceless.

I have been struggling with the absence of my creative work. With the success and expansion of the gallery has come reduced time to be in my studio. It has laid heavy on my heart and on my shoulders. A feeling of missing an old friend where the dance of our time together had become comfortable. Expected. Routine.

This little gem of a seed gave to me the realization and reminder that all things, even preciously adored things, have a chapter. And those chapters can either repeat in the future or they have an ending. The emotion we put on those chapters that have come before are of our very own choosing. No one else’s.

And, it is so, once again, in my evolution as an artist. Even though I may not be creating as prolifically as I once have in the physical form, I am still, very much a creator and purveyor of beauty. It has just taken on a new expanded perspective.

And, just as the seed needs to crack itself open with water, light and shadows, so must we. To see that what is before us may not be what has come before. But, it could never the less, be beautiful indeed.


Photo/Writing Lucy Clark 2021

7 comments on “The Germination of All Things

  1. Patrice says:

    Crossroads here as well.


  2. okync says:

    Oh my gosh, Lucy. I’m sure you were creating ideas all along the way during your gallery expansion. The new gallery is helping others to fulfill their work and visitors to feel and see so much beauty. We all need a rest to refuel. Looking forward to seeing your next beautiful project you bring forth. Thankyou for your gift.


  3. Marcella says:

    Lovely and so true!🙏❤️And from the seed will come a fruit – your nourishment of others is remarkable, thank you!


  4. Cathyann Burgess says:

    I, for one, am in awe of your many creative gifts. Your creation as purveyor of the beautiful is indeed sustaining many beyond yourself. Art at its best does that. Your store is a work of your art. The welcoming atmosphere of your shop draws in and feeds so many souls that are blessed to enter. We are grateful.


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