A Feast for the Spirit

A Feast for the Spirit

There are times in everyone’s life where an experience may not live up to all that we wanted it to be and yet, with enough distance and perspective, it is exactly what we needed. There have been so many unexpected events that have occurred during this trip – too many to bore you with – but I wanted to share an incredible event that I could have never imagined possible.

If you don’t know, the type of ceramic work that I create is based on the time honored traditions of the Pueblo Indians. Specifically, Maria Martinez of the San Ildefonso Pueblo. Her rich black, burnished surfaces of hand built work continues to inspire and entrance me. To be able to view her work in person while in Santa Fe is like breathing in the past and feeling the love and passion for the work wash over me and into the future.

I, along with my husband, students and staff from Ghost Ranch, attended Feast Day at San Ildefonso on the last day of our trip. It is a time to honor all the gifts that have been given to the tribe throughout the year and is celebrated with tribal dances, music, singing and, well, feasting. It has been said that if you are invited into one of the homes to join in their offerings you must not refuse; to decline such an invitation would be incredibly rude. To my utter astonishment and delight, through my pottery mentor, Clarence Cruz, we were invited into the Martinez home to share in their bounty of green Chile stew, red Chile stew, enchiladas, prune pie, fresh baked bread from the Orno and, and, and……….

As I entered the home, to say that I was humbled and awestruck would be a GINORMOUS understatement. I sat there, transfixed as I, along with Clarence, Rikki and my husband were led to a table and served. My first thought, I should be serving them! I should be telling them what a profound influence their Grandmother had on me as a person and an artist. I wanted to shout out from the rooftop how grateful I was to be allowed in their home to share this precious, precious moment with them. And yet, as I sat there, I physically restrained my enthusiasm and muted it into reverence for the food and the company. I thanked them nothing short of twenty times all the while having a silly, girl like grin on my face and wondering if they could see me bursting inside with gratitude and excitement.

It wasn’t until later that day, while I was sitting in front of the Labyrinth at the ranch and relaying the story to one of the students that I began to cry. Weeping for the chance to be a part of such a special moment, to be able to present with it, to embrace it.

My life has forever been changed by my time at Ghost Ranch and the opportunities that I have received and been able to experience. All of the other stuff that happens along the way is simply just transitory, temporary and nothing to hold on to.

This moment…………well, that was worth the price of admission.


4 comments on “A Feast for the Spirit

  1. Cynthia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience at Ghost Ranch. You are a beautiful writer and move my spirit, helping me to stay grateful and positive for all that is in my own life. I saw you speak at gallery in Flat Rock and love your work.

    I am teaching a session at Haywood Community College. Our last project is something for the wall. I do a slide show at beginning of each project and would love to share an image of your piece with the screen with the students, one I fell in love with. If you are interested, please send image to my email, freeleeclay@gmail.com.

    Gratefully Cynthia Lee

    Cynthia Lee http://cynthialeeceramics.com Freeleeclay@gmail.com Gallery: The Odyssey Clayworks Gallery, open Monday – Sunday 11- 6 Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts – Next class will be in the fall, contact http://odysseyceramicarts.com 828.285.0210 Wildacres Retreat Workshop 2017! September 18-24, 2017 email me for more information. See Wildacres site at http://www.wildacres.org John C. Campbell Workshop! October 14-20, 2018 Handbuilding & Surfaces


    • lucyac says:

      Cynthia – Thank you, for taking the time to ready my blog about my travels through this world :). I would be happy to send an image to you. Is there a particular piece you were thinking of?

  2. Jan Brantley says:

    Lucy, another great post and pictures. Thoroughly enjoy your blog and pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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