The Finish Line………sort of

It’s been almost a year since I decided to “climb that tree and venture out onto that limb” by registering for a three week stay at Ghost Ranch in Abuiqui, New Mexico.  With a much needed grant and a surprising emerging artist award, I was able to fund my trip and relax into the exploration of my artistic boundaries.  I had no idea how my experiences would influence or inform my work.  All I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, is that it would.  

Fast forward to today.  I just returned from delivering 24 new vessels, 3 wall sculptures and 13 pendants to The Gallery at Flat Rock, located in Flat Rock, North Carolina.  My one person show, “Sacred Ground, Bringing New Mexico Home”, opens on Friday, July 14th.  All of these pieces have been inspired by my trip – most of them created using micaceous clay which is indigenous to New Mexico. 

There is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and sadness in the completion of this grand adventure.  I have been so ensconced in the flow of the work, the evolution of my artistic voice and wanting to make those that believed in me proud.  It filled every waking, and most sleeping moments.  I have had revelations and disappointments, moments of “creative” orgasms and periods of obstacles that are all part of the process.  What I can tell you, unequivocally, is that it was all worth it.

I have learned more, pushed through fixed conditions, ventured into almost every “what if” moment with action and determination.  Did I make worthy art?  Did I do clay proud?  Honestly……..I have no idea.  That really isn’t for me to say.  What I do know is that, to this point in my life, given all that I am, I did my very best.  And that, my dear friends, is enough ❤️

Please visit my website for more information on the upcoming show and artist talk –

The next adventure awaits!!!


2 comments on “The Finish Line………sort of

  1. Sandi Li says:

    You asked “Did I make worthy art?”. How do you determine the worth of art? If you channeled something from within into a form to be shared with others, that is of value. Is the communication of what is within always exactly what the artist needed to say?…nope. Rarely, is it. That is what drives an artist to more creation…that need for expression. Is the growth and evolution of your own personal experience and voice manifest in your art? If so, then that is valuable. Lucy, never question your own worth or that of your art. If you are asking “will this be a commercial success” then that is a whole different question. Just don’t ever get the two confused. You created. That makes it worthy. Whether someone else finds it is worth purchasing is a whole different thing based on many factors that have nothing to do with whether you have produced beautiful art. I would probably buy every single piece you make if I had somewhere to put it and the money to spare. But if I don’t buy a piece that does not make it any less worthy. I know having a solo show, and feeling you have to somehow prove that the investment in you was worth it to those who chose you, can be anxiety provoking. Don’t question yourself. Don’t let old voices creep in. You are amazing. Your art expresses that amazing being. And that is ENOUGH.

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