Honoring our Story

Tonight, in an open forum, the faculty of the January term  were each asked to answer one question – how their story informed their creativity and inspiration.  Some of their stories were incredibly poignant, some sacred and others were laced with wit and humor.  In listening to them, I realized that I have not honored mine – at least not completely.

My mother was one of the most creative people I have ever known.  She came from a long line of Italian tailors, being taught by her mother.  Her skill with a needle and thread was masterful.  Although I could never find a love for the craft, she never ceased to amaze me at what she could create. I know that the dedication that I have for clay can be partially attributed to her.

We also endured a very difficult relationship.  My mom struggled with many hardships in her life and though I had great compassion for her, there came a time where I couldn’t be the recipient of the fall out.  I simply ran out of understanding. I felt a great need to protect myself from the pain, and in doing so, created great distance as a way to save my heart. Since her passing  over 8 years ago, it has taken a lot of time and thought to get to a point where I could not only forgive her but also forgive myself.

As I sit here tonight, I want to let her know just how thankful I am for every single gift she gave me. The hardships, the pain, the creativity, the determination, all of them.  Without those events in my life, I’m not sure I would have had the fortitude and passion for the creativity that resides deep within me.  Through these events, I have become clear about my purpose and my path.  No blame, no excuses, just a deep sense of gratitude for the story she told.

Thank you, Mom.  Safe passage on your journey home ❤



6 comments on “Honoring our Story

  1. Amy says:

    Lovely tribute Lucy. To forgive is so much better than to hold on to the things that make us less. Thank you for the reminder. I need this.

    • lucyac says:

      I’m happy to have finally made it to the point that I could give my Mom the credit she deserves. I feel liberated from the pain that I held onto for so long ❤

  2. Jeff Geisler says:

    We had such complicated, talented, and imperfect parents. Hey, wait a minute, that sounds like us!

    I was thinking about dad along these lines a few days ago and realized my love for golf probably would not have taken root had he not decided to forgo his German upbringing about all work and no play and bought a set of sticks. I think Arnie had something to do with it, too.

  3. Bonnie K says:

    Thank you for the raw and real inspiration of that part of your journey. Forgiving ourselves is a necessary component for our liberation. Thank you {{{Hugs}}}

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