The Messiness of Beauty

Life can be very messy at times.  Drama happens, tempers flare, egos roar and imbalance can set in.  OH how easy that road is to walk down. I can tell you, I am not an innocent.  I have made many mistakes and taken the road well traveled.  I have been lured at how easy it can be –  it takes almost no strength at all to wind yourself into the pushing and shoving of words and energy.  Sides are taken, lines are drawn…………for what?  Control?  Power?  It’s an empty and lonely road in the end.  Nothing good comes of it – you are left feeling drained and empty – never really gaining anything other than a hollow victory.

We all have a choice.  We can choose to join the crowd and feel justified and comfortable within the numbers – losing ourselves to the power of the group.  Or we can choose to think for ourselves and what is appropriate for all sides of the situation.  In almost every instance there is room for kindness.

When in doubt……..create a little  beauty.  It could be a small thing – a smile, a kind word, a gesture of gratitude or a simple loving thought toward another.  It doesn’t require money,force or directions.  It simply requires you to step out of the what is “wrong” with another and, just for a moment, think about what is pure.

So from me to you – I send you Love ❤️……..and just a little beauty from the fire today :). These lovelies will be placed in an open fit fire on Thursday……..stay tuned!!!


8 comments on “The Messiness of Beauty

  1. Miss Lucy, you sure have a way with words! And I thank you for some deep thoughts, beautifully and thoughtfully rendered. Carry on. I so look forward to meeting you in person when you return to NC!! 😊

  2. Terri Moore says:

    ❤️. It’s that simple. Thanks for writing this.

  3. I love yours pots, I find a recurring theme in them that resonates a lot with me: looking at what is or might be perceived as hurtful or painful and moving beyond it with grace and compassion. Not that it’s easy and always works out, but you try and are aware of it. I find this very admirable. And your stories touching.

    • lucyac says:

      Thank you, for taking the time to read some of my posts and for your kind words. It has been truly magical for me to have something as simple as clay help me to evolve as a spiritual being in this very human experience.

      • I can tell it does magic for you. There is something very grounding in working with clay, I find. I don’t have any talent in this, unfortunately, but I certainly do enjoy beautiful pottery. I have a very soft soft spot for Japanese hagi yaki tea ware. Makes the tea taste even better! 🙂

      • I just noticed that I had a little typo in my first comment. I meant to say ‘posts’ and ended up writing ‘pots’. How fitting, I love both. 🙂

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