Trusting the Process

Trust……’s a big deal.  I have spent an enormous amount of my life cross-examining my choices.  At times, I have become paralyzed by the self interrogation that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  The “what ifs” of Life……..they can trap a person into distrusting their gift of intuition.  That beautiful, higher voice within them that knows exactly what to do.  

As I was walking today in this beautiful country having spent 6 hours in the studio, I realized that trusting the process is paramount to life.  There comes a time when all the “wringing of hands” has been done, all of the worry and doubt has run its course.  A moment in time where you just have to trust the process.  Trust the inner voice guiding you to brilliance, trust the people who believe in you, trust wholly in yourself.  I realized that if I don’t trust myself, how can anyone else?  Realizing that I am worthy of my own trust, my own intuition – that I can rely on my own voice…….well it feels like I just opened my very own self imposed jail cell…….and I had the key all along.


12 comments on “Trusting the Process

  1. Carol says:

    Lucy, I am so moved by each of your posts; I feel as though you are speaking to MY needs. Your words are beautiful and I look forward to your posts each day. Thank you

  2. Anna Elliott says:

    Lucy I so love your posts. You bring to the surface many many things I am feeling and you put your thoughts into words that I never realized.

  3. Bonnie K says:

    Lucy, I am thankful for your humbled transparency to share these awakenings of your journey with us all. There truly are “magical” things taking place if we would just let ourselves be peeled away like an onion. Light & Love my sister from another mother

  4. I love when that happens!! You go girl! Giving yourself “permission” will always lead you on the right path. 😀👏🏻

  5. Sandi Li says:

    In reading your blog posts I keep thinking this: “Live big. Don’t live small.” And in saying that, I mean that every moment is filled with so much wonder and mystery and magic and love and unless we stop to see it we miss the big, beautiful truth all around us.
    Much love to you.

  6. Amy says:

    Beautiful words again, Lucy. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. They are speaking to my heart.

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