Walking toward Stillness

There have been many “firsts” on this trip to Ghost Ranch.  Hand building my first functional mug (the handle looks like it was made by a five year old and it makes me laugh), my first tribal dance, my first view of the beauty that is New Mexico.

Today, I walked a Labyrinth for the first time.   I sat in silence for a few moments before I began and simply asked for clarity and wisdom.  It’s not so much that I am searching for answers, it’s that I am looking more for the appropriate questions to ask.  In my daily living, I tend to get distracted with searching for answers to other peoples problems, thinking that if I could help them, I could somehow help myself.  There are definitely times that that holds true…..and other times, when it is not only a disservice to them but to myself as well.

I walked slowly, mindfully, stopping frequently to look up and around me.  I breathed deeply into the present and thought of nothing else other than the next step.  When I reached the center, I sat for awhile.  As I was gazing up toward the mountains, the moon was rising clearly in the late afternoon sky.  A bird was flying effortlessly in the distance and as I was watching this majestic creature, I realized that what I was really in need of was stillness and space.  Stillness and space  to breathe, stillness in which to create more space and space to create more beauty. 

I think I will be walking this Labyrinth again……..


4 comments on “Walking toward Stillness

  1. Amy says:

    What a lovely thing to read as I begin my day, Lucy. Such a nice reminder to stop for a moment and appreciate what’s around me. Thank you!

  2. Carol says:

    Sometimes in our lives as mothers, just breathing is an effort. Your beautifully written passage gives us permission to be ourselves, too.

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