For you…….The World

For the last few weeks, clay has taken a back seat.  “Living” can take the drivers seat at times – all of the day to day commitments that need my attention somehow slowly crept into the limelight, taking away the time and the attention that I had set aside for creating.  

Today, as I was sitting in orientation, all I could think about was getting my hands muddy.  It had been so long – so much pent up desire to touch clay – it was taking its toll on my attention to the present and to my general sanity.  Finally, this afternoon, we finally were able to visit the pottery studio.  There are 13 students in the class, and except for one other “woman of a certain age”, I was surrounded by college students.  Now, if you know me at all, you clearly understand that these are not my “chosen people”.  A little too much drama, angst and anguish are built up in those young souls.  This was not my “ideal” setting for creating………and then……….I touched micaceous clay.  The smooth and silky texture, the earthy, slightly musky scent, the essence of the earth.  I was instantly transported to my center of gravity where from all things are possible.  Everything fell away as I worked with it, the noise and commotion just simply became background music.  

My world, once again, came into balance and I could see the possibilities.



4 comments on “For you…….The World

  1. Carol says:

    Lucy, your writing is lyrical!

  2. Jeff Geisler says:

    Looks like a beautiful spot Lucia. Looking forward to seeing how things evolve after this visit.

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