Traits Unresolved………

Today………I came in direct contact with my past. Mostly, I tend to live in a fairy land of my own creation.  I am so ensconced in my own idea of my life and all of the wonderful people that I have chosen to surround myself with that I occasionally forget that not everyone is as open and welcoming as I give them credit for. 

But today……..Today was a day to meet up with my past.  I have known some very dark individuals – we all have. But in the past few years, I have made a great effort to surround myself with others that bring light, shed light and hold the light when I find myself less than bright. It’s a conscious choice to support and care for one another; in wanting the greatest good to come through, in myself, my loved ones and the world in general.  Yes, I have been accused of wearing rose colored glasses and not being in touch with reality.  But, I ask you, who’s reality are we talking about?  It’s so damn easy to play the bottom third of life………struggle, survival, competition and strife.  Is that the reality I fail to grasp?  Or is it the reality that if someone else is miserable they will do what they can to make you miserable, too?

The latter is what I confronted today.  Art and control never make good bedfellows.  In creating a space, another artist needed to control everyone else’s. Their attempt to do this not only destroyed the creative process but has made their creation have less life.  In actuality, they have become a destructive and controlling force which is in direct opposition to creativity!!  In that, there is suffering…….for all concerned.  

I walked away realizing that this person must have an enormous amount of internal destruction going on and the best thing that I could do was to hold them in the light and walk away from their darkness……..quickly.  In the past, I would have tried to fix them, risen up against them or realized that, because they were so forceful that they must be right.  Well, that is not part of the past that I choose to repeat.

Art grows when we let it flow. 



One comment on “Traits Unresolved………

  1. Amy says:

    Well said, Lucy. All of that negative energy cannot be good for us.

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