Wait! Wait! I’m not Finished…………

IMG_3126I have created movement from my soul through to my body and out into space for as long as I can remember. I danced wildly as a child while living in the mountains of West Virginia; from there I taught fitness for 12 years and have spent the past 23 years as a Massage Therapist. Five years ago, I touched clay for the first time – another form of movement that brought with it a new level of creativity and expression that I have never experienced before.

With each transition and phase of my life, movement has been of paramount importance to me. All of this has given me the opportunity to express myself, most of the time without saying a word. What I have learned from all of this wonderful movement is the importance of finishing one’s thought. It doesn’t really matter what you apply this statement to. It could be a conversation that you have needed to have, or a piece of art that needs more fluidity, or a touch from someone you love. When we are able to complete our thoughts, taking each one to it’s organic, elegant conclusion, we become more complete ourselves. We give ourselves the opportunity to explore all of the options and with the help of our intuition, know when we have reached through to the end.

Imagine having a choppy, unfocused massage. Sounds sort of unpleasant don’t you think? Massage is supposed to be about smoothing out the rough edges, whether it be our stress level or our muscles. If each movement of the massage were performed with a sense of completion in mind before transitioning to another part of the body, the outcome would quite possibly be one of calming the mind, spirit and body of not only the client but also of the practitioner.

Movement is the beautiful stuff where life is created. To take the time to complete our thoughts in whatever we do is not only of great service to the people in our lives, but of life giving serum to ourselves. Try it, just once. Take the time to wipe the counters completely clean, say the words you long to say, move the way that your body knows best and complete your thought. You may notice along the way, that your thoughts will become more expansive, and your growth exponential.

In all that you do………complete your thought.


2 comments on “Wait! Wait! I’m not Finished…………

  1. June Main says:

    You are one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known. Thank you for sharing!!!!

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